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When you begin to plan for your retirement, you’re looking for a solid retirement strategy, diversified between products that are right for your specific financial situation.  At The Presley Group, we specialize in creating retirement income that you can depend on by identifying your specific needs and creating a “safe money plan.”  We provide retirement planning, estate planning, asset management , life and health insurance to help you ensure that your retirement will be well planned, covering as many bases as possible to secure your financial future.

You are more concerned than ever about outliving your money. With all the bumps in the road through your retirement years, it is vital that you map out a retirement strategy to:

  • minimize taxes
  • keep more of your Social Security check
  • enable your investments to effectively fight inflation
  • protect your principal and annual gains
  • protect your wealth from your health, creating a barrier between assets and illness

When you visit us, you will learn how to position your money with the potential for competitive yields, while always protecting your principal. If you are a saver, you will learn how to fight inflation, preserve and increase your purchasing power, and eliminate risk to your nest egg. For investors, Wall Street represents financial opportunity, but often the market takes away the gains as fast as it gives them. As we age, we have less time to recover from losses and lack of liquidity in the market. For many of you, It is important to generate a lifetime income that you can never outlive. This allows you to enjoy what you have worked so hard to earn, without the fear of ever running out of money.

We look forward to visiting with you and sharing strategies we have implemented with retirees across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

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